The Bodyweight Burn Weight Loss Program – Too Good To Be True?

Bodyweight Burn, or BW3, is a fat-loss program that uses bodyweight exercises to jump-start your body’s metabolism to a fat-burning state. It is coupled with an eating program that helps your body maximize your nutrition intake and get rid of fat faster.

This program was created by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock, the founders of BodyweightCoach. Both are highly accomplished in fitness and sports competition, and have earned accolades in athletic and fitness training. They have also pioneered other exercise programs including the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

Their newest offering Bodyweight Burn, is designed so that you spend just 21 minutes a day and still reduce your bodyweight by 21 pounds in just 12 weeks.


Bodyweight Burn – What Is It and How Does It Work?

The Bodyweight Burn uses bodyweight exercises to help you lose weight and gain muscle. Since these exercise can be done anywhere with no gym equipment, a gym membership is not needed to get the body you want. The exercises are easy to learn, and you will get results with the effort you put in. It is a high intensity workout, however, and you may find it taxing at first. If you stay with it, you will see results.

Three types of exercise are included in the Bodyweight Burn Workout:

1 . Cardio Flow – The Cardio Flow exercises focus on a high intensity workout that spikes the body’s use of existing fat for fuel. This type of workout also inhibits the rise of cortisol, a stress hormone that leads to the growth of fat, particularly in the midriff area. (Other traditional cardio exercises, like jogging for example, can actually raise the cortisol level.)

2 . Afterburn – The Afterburn exercises are designed to activate your metabolism at a higher level to keep your body in a fat-burning state for up to 48 hours after you are finished exercising.

3 . Metabolic-Muscle Training – These exercises target the larger muscle groups in the upper and lower body. The larger muscle groups burn the most calories through movement, so you are simultaneously burning fat, gaining strength and sculpting the kind of body you can be proud of.

High Intensity Interval Training: The Core of Bodyweight Burn Workouts

Adam and Ryan keep the workouts short at only 21 minutes per day by incorporating sets of medium paced exercises along with bursts of high intensity exercises at regular intervals. This pattern maximizes your body’s ability to burn fat. The added bonus to arranging the workouts in this way is the afterburn effect that keeps your body melting fat for up to 48 hours after this intensive workout.

Bodyweight Burn (BW3) Program: Here’s What You Get

Product Name: The Bodyweight Burn System (BW3 Workout System)

Official website:

E-books in PDF format

Videos demonstrating the proper form for each fat-burning exercise

Refund policy: 60 day Money Back Guarantee

6 Exclusive Bonuses : Includes a Starter Kit Manual, a manual and videos demonstrating correct form and technique for each of the exercises, exercise videos for the entire 6-day program where you are coached through all of the exercises, demonstration videos for pre- and post-workout warmups and cooldowns, and wall charts to help you track your progress.

Bodyweight Burn System Pros

Bodyweight – based exercises; no gym membership or equipment needed. All you need is you and your desire.
Videos show the proper form for each exercise
Exercises can be performed in small space wherever you are– at home, traveling, even on your break at work
The exercises are efficient and super-effective; fat keeps burning even after you stop working out

Bodyweight Burn System Cons

Some users who thrive with the added atmosphere of a gym may have problems staying focused when working out alone at home
Suggestions for foods to include in your diet as well as foods to avoid are mentioned, but no explicit eating plan is spelled out. You will have to do additional homework on this front.

Bottom Line: Is Bodyweight Burn Worth Buying?

Bodyweight Burn is a great, easy to use collection of exercises that, if followed correctly, will help you to burn fat and gain muscle quickly. While it could use more info on foods to eat in conjunction with the Bodyweight Burn exercises, it’s definitely worth the price for the exercise instruction you get. The program also comes with a money back guarantee, so there’s literally nothing to lose but extra pounds.

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